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Group photo of 2 people all part of Colorado Festival of Horror, from the co-founders to volunteers, smiling and happy around a picnic table outside of a brewery with a food truck behind them

Welcome to year 4 of the Colorado Festival of Horror

Colorado Festival of Horror (COFOH) was built on a mutual love of horror by it’s founders. Embracing the genre and all its different styles, to share and celebrate with the fans and horror community over a fun event fueled weekend.

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Meet Our Founders

Daniel Crosier

Hand drawn lined picture by Daniel, a self portrait of himself with a steer hat on, a coffee cup with pinky out

Daniel Crosier is a graduate of RMCAD 2000, with an BFA in sculpture. He is a mixed media artist, and began a neo-kabuki performance group called ‘OFM: OdAm fEI mUd’ in 2003. Crosier came on to the comic book scene in 2006 writing and illustrating ‘Sons of Soil’, ‘The Exquisite Vanishteer’, ‘Distortions Unlimited’, ‘Vincent Price Presents’, as well as illustrating ‘Bartholomew of the Scissors’ & ‘Caustic Soda’. Crosier partnered with The Enigma and Serana Rose for ‘Show Devils’ comic book series and collaborating with several Denver-base illustrators. He has directed short films since 2005, releasing his first feature film, Isolation Man, a mockumentary about a superhero who accidentally vanishes the western hemisphere. He has also added mural artist to his repertoire in 2016. Daniel is also one of the co-founders of Dink Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo and COFOH: Colorado Festival of Horror.

Crosier is currently producing his ‘Camp Crash', a Mad Max/Meatballs animation project, and producing 'When Baked Things Attack’ horror, comedy while illustrating kids comics ‘Stanley Kaiju and the Subterranean Bunny Defenders’ and writing the ‘Adventures of the Enigma, and ‘Stay Tombed’. Daniel Crosier is one of the co-founders of Dink: Denver Independent Comic & Art Expo and COFOH: Colorado Festival of Horror.


Bret Smith

Bret, tall blonde man in a black Colorado Festival of Horror tshirt with skull in white shorts, inbetween Art the Clown, a male clown in black and a man in a black Terrifier shirt in front of a red and black background

Bret is a 34-year retired IBM program manager. He’s a life-long Star Trek fan, attending his first convention in Phoenix in the 80s. Since then his interests have expanded into all science fiction, sci-fi horror, comics, books, toys, and autographs. His love of horror began with seeing the classic The Creature From the Black Lagoon film and expanding to the Alien, Predator, and Terminator franchises. Bret has attended over 100 conventions including a 15-year-run at San Diego Comic-Con. Working with Hex Publishers, Bret and Jeanni brought the Amazon bestselling It Came From the Multiplex horror anthology to the first Colorado Festival of Horror in 2021. During the pandemic, they became copyeditors on numerous Hex publications including the recent “True Believers” comic book series. Bret Smith is a COFOH: Colorado Festival of Horror co-founder and has enjoyed working special guest relations, financials, and social media for three successful COFOH conventions.


Jeanni Smith

Jeanni, smiling blonde woman with shoulder length hair and black glasses, in a light longsleeve purple shirt, holding an award for Colorado Festival of Horror with an animal filter around the edges

Jeanni is one of the co-founders of COFOH: Colorado Festival of Horror. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona in Tucson, where she also met and married Bret in 1986. She worked as a wedding and commercial photographer until the births of their two sons: Xander, a TV and film concept artist, and Cameron, a chef. Since 2011 she has been indulging her love of garage and estate sales as an antiques dealer. She and Bret share a love of pop culture and have traveled to conventions all over the country. When she is not helping plan the next COFOH or copyediting for Hex Publishers, you can find her with her three cats, either in the garden or cozied up with a good murder mystery.


Daniel 'Smurf' Sharner

Smurf, an extremely sexy blonde smiling man with glasses and in a Colorado Ghostbusters tshirt, arms spread wide in front of a Ghostbusters Fanfest convention sign.

Smurf> Collector, Adventurer, Timelord, Podcaster, Ghostbuster. He’s walked with angels, kept the company of kings, and has travelled the world, all in the quest for collectible items. It’s been a fun journey so far but he has come home to deliver what the fans and community have been screaming for. The horror festival that Colorado deserves! Using all of his skill and experience; teaming up with his fellow co-founders to do just that.

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Meet Our Staff

Becky McDaniel - Madame Web

Becky, a smiling redhead in sunglasses, a black jacket and redish pink low cut colorado tshirt outside

Becky is a self-taught front-end web developer, and had a vision for a new and engaging COFOH website. At COFOH you can find her working the Photo Ops and Merchandising booth and helping out wherever she is needed. In her free time, she enjoys building LEGO sets, working conventions as a Colorado Ghostbuster, as well as having a wide range of interests like fountain pens and journaling and enjoying everything life has to offer. She keeps busy with projects nearly all the time, her current project (other than the site) is to build her first LEGO modular Sit-complex.


Brenda Bedel - Vendor Manager

Brenda, long brown hair with swopped bangs, smiling and has on a blue Avalanche hoodie

Brenda has been doing event management/coordination for over 10 years encompassing pop culture, horror, and roller derby events. She is a frequent traveler but the mountains are her home. She is active as a community volunteer co-chair, connecting volunteers with their local community nonprofits. She also aspires to one day become a LEGO Master.


Jenn Gomez - Volunteer Manager

Jenn, smiling brunette with should length hair in a deep green tanktop, a silver heart necklace sitting on a couch

Jenn has 8 years of experience as a volunteer manager, connecting people with the hobbies they love. She is a colorado transplant and have lived here for 2 years. When she's not coordinating amazing volunteers, she's indulging in thriller movies that keep her on the edge of her seat or you can catch her on the roller derby track, calling penalties like a boss!


Chris Rocco - Program Director

Chris Rocco has been a horror nerd since he was about 5 years old and his grandmother started showing him the classics. Halloween, Friday the 13th, Demon Wind (I will hear zero sass about Demon Wind, that movie is a treasure). Since then he’s had weird ideas about appropriate media (What do you MEAN Salo isn’t a date movie?!?) and is grateful to have found you all who are apparently just as weird to accept him.

After hanging out with COFOH for a few years he is now proud to assume the role of Head of Programming and curate the best panels, workshops and events we can to keep our little con growing. It’s ok folks, this is also what he does in his day job.


Ashley Lyons - Social Media Lead

Ashley is a lifelong horror fan from Louisiana. She’s been working in digital marketing and social media for nearly a decade, and has a passion for helping small and local businesses. She attended COFOH’s first year, volunteered during the second year, and has been involved in their social media ever since.

Ashley is a huge road trip enthusiast and has a ritual where she must watch a horror movie every time she stays in a hotel. When she’s not on the road, Ashley can be found reading, writing, or gaming.

Dawn Hurlburt - Street Team Lead

Dawn, smiling caucaisian female with black hair and bangs in a black tshirt

Hello, horror enthusiasts! I am thrilled to be leading the street team for the Colorado Festival of Horror, bringing you the most spine-chilling and thrilling event of the year. With my extensive background in marketing and promotions, I have had the privilege of working with renowned brands such as Jägermeister, Camel, Grey Goose, and Corozon. As a lead marketing brand ambassador for companies like Walter Productions, I have engaged with thousands of people, enhancing their experiences at music festivals like Bonnaroo and EDC.

For the past few years, I have been a dedicated member of the Colorado Festival of Horror family, spearheading the street team efforts. With my expertise in marketing and promotions, I am committed to spreading the word about this incredible event and creating a buzz that will send shivers down your spine. From strategic planning to executing innovative campaigns, I ensure that horror enthusiasts from all walks of life are captivated by the festival's offerings.


Colleen Cole - Cosplay Lead

Dawn, smiling caucaisian female with black hair and bangs in a black tshirt

Colleen Cole has been cosplaying for 10 years. With a BA in Theatre, Colleen naturally fell in love with the creativity and love for characters cosplayers portray. She loves working with a variety of materials to create screen/book/art accurate cosplays as well as creating her own versions through genderbent and crossplay creations. Colleen is also a published comic creator, model, and clothing designer. She's happy to share her expertise, tips and tricks, and passion for cosplay with new cosplayers.


Andrew Mark - Security Lead

Comic book maker, screenwriter, filmmaker, and All America Boy.

At a young age Andrew saw the Disney classics "Something Wicked this Way Comes", and "Watcher in the Woods". Both movies awakened his interest in the dark, scary, and macabre and wanted more, and scarier and darker. Once that door was unlocked and in the peak of the “slasher” era of horror films and propelled by his amazement of the craft of practical effects, Andrew fell in love with film but specifically the horror genre.

A 25-year veteran of the Security industry, Andrew has worked from Coast to Coast as executive protection detail and coordinator, bodyguard, bail bondsman, bounty hunter and Private Investigator. Working on cases alongside local and federal agencies. Ranging from civil/custody, missing persons, and murder. Andrew has also worked for such organizations as the Mrs. America foundation and the DNC as well as some of Colorado’s largest developers and charities.

But the position he is most happy with is being apart of the COFOH staff bringing an amazing weekend of fun and scares to the Centennial State.

Chris & Krisha J’tot - Tattoo Competition Main Lead

Chris & Krisha are both Native to Colorado and have been working together as a team Tattooing and Piercing since 1994. Owners of Phantom 8 Tattoo & Body Piercing since 1998. Chris is an Oil Painter as well as a full time Tattoo Artist. Active in many facets of their Community & Industry.

Chris appears on 2 episodes of Travel Channel’s “Making Monsters”/ Distortions Unlimited’s reality show. Season 2, tattooing a featured sculptor and Season 3, as a sculptor himself. Chris’ first job was working for Distortions Unlimited when he was 13 years old!

Krisha, Chris and friends promoted the 2008 & 2009 Colorado Tattoo Convention in Downtown Denver at The Sheraton Hotel. This included bringing over 100 tattoo artists & piercers from across the county, bringing in entertainers (ie..Enigma, Handsome Little Devil’s Vaudevillian Group), local DJ’s, photographers, local & regional artisans/designers, local business’, restaurants & magazines into a weekend collaboration of wonder & community 2 years in a row.

Dabbling in Film themselves; they directed & filmed a commercial for YouTube: “The Voodoo Zombies of the Phantom 8.” As well as moving on to direct and produce a short film “The Hatchet Lady Crimes” Filmed in Denver & Morrison.

Always eager to be involved in the community they also helped with the local comic/art convention D.I.N.K. They have participated in Denver Comic-con, and many, many tattoo conventions across the country.

Chris is a lead singer, plays harmonica & has several albums under his belt: Black Tongue, Leadbeater, Bighorn, Lords of Bard Creek.

Amongst many other past endeavors, there will be undoubtedly more to come!

Jim Norris - Tattoo Competition Co-Lead

The rev. Jim Norris got his first tattoo the year "Return of the Living Dead" came out. Spent every year since then in bookstores, comic shops, record stores, dive bars and backstage at your favorite shows. Doesn't pay much but the stories are priceless. Currently telling tales Mutiny Info Cafe and Goldfish Circus.

The Colorado Festival of Horror (COFOH) is brought to you by COFOH Entertainment and will be a highlight for the horror genre and all that it bleeds. COFOH: Friday the 13th will be a platform for the community to unite over the love of horror and everything that creeps in the night!

Where & When?

September 13 - 15, 2024
Denver Marriott South
at Park Meadows Lone Tree